Hi, we’re Dan and Dave Buck, twin brothers, business partners, and good friends. Welcome!

Photography by Brad Fulton, 2012

Photography by Brad Fulton, 2012


About Us

We were born in 1984, and raised in Northern California. In our youth, when were weren't on the slopes snowboarding or hiking through Yosemite, we practiced sleight of hand magic and pioneered the art of cardistry. We didn’t know it at the time, but we helped create an international movement and one of the most exciting and growing skill arts today.

Over the years we published many videos for learning card tricks, and these lessons, along with others we've produced, may be viewed on Art of Magic. Our unique style is recognized around the world and continues to inspire new generations of magicians.

In 2014 we founded Art of Play, a wonder emporium of sorts offering a collection of playing cards, puzzles, games and amusements.

When not pursuing our entrepreneurial drive, we love being outdoors. We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet, and support non-profit organizations to plant trees from California to Indonesia.



Our Companies


Art of Play

With Art of Play, we explore our fascination with puzzles and games, as well as our obsession for playing cards, and curate a sophisticated catalog of curious items from around the world.



Art of Magic

In our childhood we spent thousands of hours practicing sleight of hand and creating our own brand of card magic, ultimately pioneering the art of cardistry. In 2008, we began producing instructional videos on magic for magicians, and today, Art of Magic offers hundreds of lessons from master magicians for the beginner, amateur and professional alike.

On September 1, 2018, we sold Art of Magic to Vanishing Inc. Magic. Read more about this here on our blog.




When we were fourteen years old and began creating new ways to shuffle playing cards, we never imagined that what we were doing would grow to become a global movement and internationally recognized art form. In 2014 we launched the first conference for cardists, and have been organizing events every year since.




In 2016 we launched an offshoot of Art of Play to provide fulfillment services to creative entrepreneurs, Kickstarter projects, and new ventures seeking a bespoke solution for all their logistics needs.