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Hi My Name is Mark
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Raise the sails to the wind, never look back, and crack open a pack of Hi My Name is Mark playing cards.

Designed in collaboration with Mark Hoppus, Hi My Name is Mark playing cards pay a nautical homage to the adventures and mystery of the sea. The ocean, a boundless expanse teeming with life, contains some of our planet’s wildest secrets.

It is a world within a world - pure magic to say the least. Each card has been custom illustrated, and the result is perhaps one of the most beautiful decks in our collection. No detail has been cast overboard. So as summer returns for 2016, HMNIMs prove a perfect asset for beachside conjuring and boardwalk flourishes. That is if you can find a set. Check out our sister company Art of Play for a collection of rare and out of print playing cards.